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Castelo Do Vento (Lov2KiteBrasil) is about 5 minutes walk to the 2 largest beach front most famous resorts, Rancho Do Peixe and Vila Prea. 900 m from the beach and 8 min walk to Prea center, it offers great alternative to all the expensive beachfront accommodations around.

The "Castelo Do Vento" finished building in January 2017 and has been developed by a Swiss architect from Geneva (Daniel Rouge). Based on a really open space and close to nature aspect, it offers a great comfortable but simple mood. Really secluded ... you won’t be disturbed by any noise rather than the local birds & little monkeys (they often comes morning and dusk) ... We chose to build here because we love our neighborhood and our neighbors, it is 2-3 really big family only that lives around and it is really safe and friendly neighborhood.


The "Castelo Do Vento" can sleep up to 10-13 people and is really comfortable for 8 to 10. 2 bungalows that can sleep up to 3 each and one apartment that can sleep up to 4, one Chalet Suisse that can sleep 3, one guest toilet bathroom, big chill out lounge, dinner space, bar, working desk, fully equipped kitchen, laundry and large storage space. Recently added the state of the art Churascaria with a pizza oven and fridge space.

Bungalows and apartment are equiped with fans, moskito nets as well as state of the art  AIR CONDITIONING system. The Chalet has just a fan but is naturally well ventilated.


Castelo Do Vento is a small B&B situated in Prea village (close to the beach), in the State of Ceara, Brazil. We offer 4 separated accommodations, 2 bungalows (can sleep up to 3), and one apartment (can sleep 4 on 2 split levels, 2 double beds) plus one chalet that can sleep 3.. Each accommodation has its own and really personal custom outdoor/indoor garden bathroom. The all house is equipped with storage room/safe, Fully equipped kitchen, desktop work station, Bar, Dining lounge and a large general lounge open to the garden. Breakfast, wifi, is included as well as smart connected TV’s (Netflix pre-installed) in all rooms.



Our bungalows with possibility of double queens  bed or 2-3 single beds, the mezanine can be a great spot for a 3rd person or a child ... accessible by the ladder. Both bungalows are equipped with AIR CONDITIONING & large fan, moskito net and smart tv already connected to netflix and youtube plus much more !

The "Castelo Do Vento" includes 3 sorts of accommodation, 2 bungalows with mezzanine and one apartment. Each bungalow can be set up with 1 double bed plus 1 single bed in the mezzanine, or 2 single beds downstairs, sleeping a max of 3 per bungalow (including mezzanine). Then we have "The Castle Lodge", which consist of a 2 level split apartment ... Real spacious and well ventilated. And the last addition to the family ... The CHALET SUISSE, a brand new wood chalet/suite with one double bed and one single bed plus bathroom. The Castle Lodge has his own little garden for chilling in the hammocks, as well as its own living outdoor/indoor lounge space. Smart Tv is installed ... Including internet connection, WiFi, Youtube, Netflix, you name it ... Fans are installed in all bungalows and Castle Lodge. All bathrooms are equipped with hot water systems. The all house can sleep at least 10-13 people comfortably ... with the large sharing area open to the garden ...

This is the top room of the 2bdr apartment equipped with a queen size bed, great natural ventilation (this is the tower of the castle !) and a ladder that access the top of the building with a little and really private rooftop terrace from where you can see the view and kite moving over the sea ... Obviously a sea view spot ! This is the semi-outdoor bathroom/toilet of the apartment (which is not totally finished on the photo but will be when you move in !), equipped with a large space for kite gear, hot shower, sink, little private garden, toilet.



11 years of kitesurfing, 10 years of teaching ... a lot of years discovering the different magic place that mother earth put to our door step to kitesurf along ... To finally set up in Brasil. We choose this place for a reason and we lov to share it with our guest ... There are a lot of chances than if you come around and we meet ... we have some sort of same passion ! ... See you on the water !

My name is Cedric Schmidt i am born from french parents in Switzerland. Move to Australia in 1999, where i resided till now. Discovered Prea about 2009, and worked  a few seasons for some kitesurfing school there ... I have been coming back to Brasil since and now decided top put all my efforts and love into setting up this little Castelo Do Vento ... Right here in Prea ... Owner and creator of in Australia since 2008 ... I am now established in Brasil and running 2 shows ... The Castelo Do Vento and the businesses. is dedicated to offer to some group of independent kitesurfers the possibility to discover this part of the country in covering most of the coastline by kite. Organizing downwinders and kitesurf adventure along the north east of Brasil. We speak French, English, Portuguese, ... 3 nationality at your service. You will feel like home coming in our castle !

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